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T.I. Disrespects The Mixtape Game

Posted by J. Tinsley on May 27, 2010

…by dropping his most anticipated mixtape since 2004’s Down With The King. Appropriately dubbed F#ck A Mixtape, the highly anticipated reunion with DJ Drama and DJ MLK chronicles the road to reclaiming the throne he forfeited last year.

To the majority of listeners, this tape was a pleasant surprise. To hardcore T.I. fans, however, this tape has been anticipated ever since he was found attempting to purchase firearms in that Atlanta parking lot in October of 2007.

Listen to all of Tip’s albums and the one thing he has managed to successfully re-appear time and time again is the authenticity of his story. By now, it’s no secret. Grew up in Atlanta (Bankhead, to be exact), good student, started hustling, selling all types of drugs, went to jail, contemplated selling drugs again, become a rapper and the rest is history. For a more detailed account, be sure to watch VH1’s “Behind The Music.” We’ve seen T.I. graduate from Atlanta talent to mainstream monopoly, but not without his fair share of tribulations. We’ve also see T.I. spiral out of control from landing a #1 album (King) and movie premiere (“ATL”) in the same week to witnessing his best friend take his last breath in his arms. This event would ultimately lead to him serving time in an Arkansas correctional facility.

But, of course, we all know that. As life has taught us over and over, life goes on and the story continues. This is the story of a man who nearly witnessed losing it all because of paranoia. The story of a man who left behind a multi-million dollar jet setting career to re-acclimate himself to a lifestyle whose only special was “three-hots-and-a-cot.” And the story of a man whose pent up frustrations have been waiting to continue telling that story since his last critically acclaimed album, Paper Trail. Only with a more aggressive overtone.

F#ck A Mixtape. This is real life.

1. Jamie Foxx – Intro
2. Welcome Back To The Trap (Produced by Smash Factory)
3. Spazz Out (Produced by Swizz Beatz)
4. Whatcha Saying Tip (Produced by Chuck Diesel)
5. Yeah feat. Lil Wayne (Produced by Lil C)
6. Yeah Ya Know (Produced by DJ Toomp & Lil C)
7. Once Upon A Time
8. Here We Go Again (Produced by Timbaland)
9. Get Yo Girl feat. Rich Kid Rashad (Produced by Jim Jonsin)
10. Like So (Produced by Lil C)
11. Gettin Paid (Produced by Track Slayers)
12. Lil Duval – Fuck A Mixtape Nigga!
13. Really Livin Like That (Produced by DJ Toomp)
14. Whether You Like It Or Not (Produced by Amadeus)
15. Jamie Foxx – Shooting Range
16. No Competition feat. Young Jeezy (Produced by Black Mob)
17. Bitch Who feat. Macboney (Produced by Lil C)
18. Ready Set Go feat. Killer Mike (Produced by No I.D.)
19. Kevin Hart – Fuck A Mixtape
20. Celebration (Produced by J-Rock)
21. Got Your Back feat. Keri Hilson (Produced by DJ Toomp)

DL: T.I., DJ Drama & DJ MLK – “F#ck A Mixtape”

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