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Disturbing The Peace Duo B.X.C. – “Louder” Video

Posted by T. Adeyemi on May 27, 2010

Admittedly I’m jumping on the B.X.C. bandwagon a little bit late, but still hearing new music is what I live for. Subsequently, I’m also partial to good music. Thus far that’s exactly what I’ve heard from this Chi-town duo. B.X.C. or Block XChange as the acronym states. These DTP signees are two dudes that from what I’ve heard so far epitomize the word versatile.

The first song I heard from them courtesy of the homie DJ Soundwave was “In Crowd.” This track which features much more of a new school rock, Sum 41ish type of feel varies greatly from “Louder.” Transitioning from “In Crowd”  to hearing their latest offering display not only the group’s ability to not be  held captive by genre labels, but also tap into the wide spectrum of music that most people have in their Itunes collection. Because of their versatility without seeming to be overdoing it they have me suddenly more intrigued, and I think you will be too.

“Louder” embodies much more of the “normal” Hip Hop facets. With a rattling bass line, a repetitive hook that seems to only fuel the beat more, and a street edge this track brings to life the essence of trunk music.

Both Lyriq and Commando due the beat justice with their flows. The mixture of Commando’s straight-forward delivery and Lyriq’s speedy flow both compliment the overall feel of the song. The track comes to life with your everyday street video directed by Alvin Elmore. And although the video doesn’t make my jaw drop the song does rock my speakers just right. I suggest playing this in your car system to get the full experience. #NowPlaying “In Crowd” on repeat, something about this song just feels good right about now.

–T. Adeyemi

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