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Bun B x Young Jeezy – “Just Like That”

Posted by Okla Jones on May 27, 2010

It’s still hard to believe that Pimp C has been gone from this earth for over a year now. However, through his counterpart and best friend Bun B, he (along with his music) will always live on. He upheld the legacy of UGK while Pimp was locked up, so why should things change after he’s gone? Beata has always been known as one of the most consistent artists in the game, with a grind that even James Brown would tip his hat to. His upcoming album Trill O.G., is slated to hit shelves on August 3rd and he’s making sure that the musical has a significant buzz before the release date.

This brand new track off of the aforementioned CD, entitled “Just Like That”, is sure to be a banger. Not to mention he’s commissioned the help of 1/3 of the Dirty South’s holy trinity, Young Jeezy. So, download the song below and have a listen… you won’t be disappointed.

DL: Bun B x Young Jeezy – “Just Like That”


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