Grade A Certified

Blake Kelly Feat. Mark the Mogul – “G-Sh*t”

Posted by T. Adeyemi on May 24, 2010

Blake Kelly

The Rockstarzzz General had vowed to me just weeks ago that he would give his fans more of what they want aka MORE MSIC. And certainly he is following through on his promise unleashing several new tracks via email to me just this past week. Unfortunately, I can’t let loose of all of the new tracks just yet but I am here to provide you with a quick sampling.

The name Blake Kelly has undoubtedly been surfacing in many industry circles and plenty of blog sites around the world-wide web. After two successful mixtapes, “Higher Education” and “Forest Fires” he’s now looking to drop a follow-up EP later this summer. Before the EP however, Blake says he plans to drop a few joints to hold the world over. The first of which is entitled, ” G-Sh*t,” a Tazzy B production. The track showcases Blake’s signature bravado as he describes his daily dealings with women, weed, and the haters he encounters while maintaining his G-Sh*t persona. With Mark the Mogul assisting on the hook and a surprise ending to the song this is a Grade A quality download.

Listen: Blake Kelly Feat. Mark the Mogul – “G-Sh*t”


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