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D.C. Don Juan “Lookie Looky” Remix Feat. Que & Dawn Richards

Posted by T. Adeyemi on May 23, 2010

The homie Ant Hampton looked out and dropped this in the GradeA inbox for us to take a listen. After about three spins I’ve kind of let the remix grow on me. The original has garnered much attention in the DMV (D.C./Maryland/Virginia) area. D.C. Don Juan with assistance from his manager Anthony Hampton are making the internet rounds once again, this time with former Day 26 member Que and former Danity Kane turned Dirty Money member Dawn Richards in tow.

The track which boasts Don Juan promoting what I like to call “self-esteem music” has the same catchy hook along with a new verse from ‘Mr. I Love Myself.’ Neither Que or Dawn are known for their remix game, but both add a different element to the already successful song. Que doesn’t really make the impact I would have expected but nonetheless his career hasn’t been what he may have expected after leaving the boy band image behind. However, Dawn does her best to showcase her increasing talent with a verse that includes a few solid lines.

Overall, the song is worth the listen. Just not to sure its worth the download, but I’ll give it a few more plays before I make my final verdict. The original is still a song I enjoy hearing from time to time when I’m in party mode. If nothing else the song filled with braggadocio and bravado encourages everyone to feel good about themselves. Hate it or Love it, what’s wrong with that?

DL: D.C. Don Juan Feat. Que & Dawn Richard – “Lookie Looky” Remix

–T. Adeyemi

Be Real, Be True, Keep It 100.”
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