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Young Chris – The Network 2 (Mixtape)

Posted by Okla Jones on May 20, 2010

While I was a child, my father taught me many life lessons. Though he was only on this earth for the first nine years of my existence, on of the quotes that always stuck with me was the quote about always seizing the moment. He told me: “Time is something that should never be wasted, because it’s something that one can never get back.” In the music business, artists come and artists go; but it is their drive (as well as their talent, of course..) that will keep them afloat in “the game”, or what we know as hip-hop. It really is amazing that the demise of Roc-A-Fella Records happened almost 6 years ago, leaving an array of talent and potential to fend for themselves.

Let’s be honest, many artists waste time. They bask in their 15 minutes of fame and lose the drive to progress their craft and ultimately… die; and by all means I speak in terms of metaphors of course. Anyway, one of the artist on that classic Roc-A-Fella roster that managed to use his talent in order to keep his voice heard by the masses is that of Philadelphia’s own, Young Chris. Yesterday he releases the second installment to his The Network saga, aptly titled, The Network 2, in collaboration with DJ Don Cannon. This EP contains features from hip-hop’s top artists, as well as some up and comers with loads of potential. Below is the tracklisting to the mixtape, as well as the DL link itself. His talent has progressed over the years and his mixtapes are a testament to this statement… but I’ll let you all make the decision. So, as usual… Be safe, and be blessed.

– Oak

Here I Come
Never Left
The Moon And Stars
Wade In The Water
Heavenly Father f. Lil Wayne (prod. Street Runner)
Think About It
Out Of Here
Still The Hottest f. J Cole
After Dark
Lay In My Bed f. Bobby Valentino (prod. Dame Grease)
What Should I Do f. Latif (prod. Chad West)
I’m Sorry f. Memphis Bleek (prod. Chad West)
The Edge f. TuPhace (prod. Ritz)
No Disrespect (prod. Sean C & LV)
Miss My Niggas (prod. Sha Money XL

DL: Young Chris – The Network 2 (Mixtape)


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