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Justin Bieber — BET Nomination?!

Posted by Miss Allie Cole on May 20, 2010

BET award nominations have been released to the public, and let’s just say that there is a very unexpected and controversial nominee this year…

Justin Bieber.

The new Canadian teen heart throb, is competing against very  popular black artists Melanie Fiona, Trey Songz, and such as  for the best new artist category. This wouldn’t  be viewed as such a problem if the BET Awards was not typically exclusively in honor of black singers, actors/actresses, and athletes.

What do y’all think about this? Should it matter that he is not black? Should his talent be able to override this color barrier? Is the principle of the matter really just tradition?

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One Response to “Justin Bieber — BET Nomination?!”

  1. The Streets Disciple said

    Forget Race…Shouldn’t the real issue be genre? I mean Bieber is cool and all (Shout Out to his Dj, Tay James. But without a doubt he is a Pop artists. There isn’t even such a category that BET honors for Pop artists. I don’t really see how or where he fits into a show that basically has ignored his style of music since its existence.

    That’s what the streets are saying…PoP doesn’t have a place in the BET Awards for a good reason. Thus, if Bieber comes in and wins over let’s say … Trey Songz it would be a crime. Trey would have to wonder, just where could he actually get the respect he deserves.

    Black FIst in the Air – Courtesy of the Streets

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