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Spring Cleaning

Posted by servontaym on May 13, 2010


Its that time of year again spring cleaning. It always makes the NBA playoffs go a little faster. This year the Lakers, Magic and Suns brought out their brooms in the second round, to gain rest for the biggest goal being the NBA championship. The Magic are taking no time this year never letting the broom leave their hands since the playoffs started. The taste of being in the finals last year must have Jameer Nelson and Dwight Howard anxious to get back. You can’t forget about Vince Carter who has finally came from under the rock, that he has been hiding behind since leaving Toronto. There there is the defending champs L.A Lakers who stepped on the Utah Jazz neck before they had a chance to thinking about a win. Kobe Bryant and the Lakers gave everybody a nice first round so that all the focus was back on them. Second round came around and the Lakers were playing in championship mode. Could this be a whole hand of ring for Kobe this year? Then you have the surprise team out of the West the Phoenix Suns. I don’t think anybody could see this one coming except for the one-eyed Steve Nash. Amare Stoudamire is in a contract year this year so that could be the push behind the Suns. This could be the last time a poster could be made in a Phoenix Suns uniform for Amare. This could also be Grant Hills last run for a NBA ring before his everlasting career is over. with Steve Nash at the wheel for the Suns we will never know where the Suns will be. Now who will clean House to make room for and NBA championship ring this year?


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