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“I Don’t Even Wanna Interfere With The Music…”

Posted by J. Tinsley on May 13, 2010

“I continue to strive, to the demise/ But I’ma need you for this ride/ My letter to God…”

For as long as I can remember, Young Chris has always been one of those artists who never got the break he truly deserved. Sure, the Young Gunz era was a good look for an introduction. However, after the entire Rocafella debacle, it seems as if people forgot about Chris. He has remained focused on his music releasing quality tracks and compilations (see The Project) and managed to stay on my radar for years.

Now, if he ever gets the credits he deserves is not for me to speculate. He is still young and hasn’t lost a step lyrically. Anyway, my people over at TSS recently let go of this new Young Chris track where he borrowed Wale’s “Letter.” First off, I am not Wale’s biggest fan, but this may be one of my favorite songs from the guy. An incredibly introspective record speaking to Barack Obama and Tupac? Yeah, that could only turn out good. And having John Mayer adding some soul to the track? Oh, that’s a win-win.

Now, with Chris jumping on this, it just gives the track an entirely new persepctive. One thing that will never get old with Hip-Hop is when artists open up on songs. Some may call it repetitive, but in a genre that prides itself on ego and machismo, seeing the human side of artists is refreshing. Chris speaks on opportunities lost and the overall journey we all call life. I could do without his attempt at harmonzing, but the lyrics man, the lyrics are what draw me in.

To be a fan of music, a true fan of music, one of the key characteristics is to understand every artist has a story – whether they are lyrically capable of explaining it or not. Appreciating the story makes the music more nostalgic and impactful while listening. So think about Young Chris and his story. From a prodigy of Jay-Z, to mainstream acclaim, to basically being left for musical dead to attempting to make a name for himself. It’s a story about what we’re all trying to do in life.

Come up. And make a name for ourselves.

DL: Young Chris – “Letter”


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