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Debra Antney–Cease and Desist as management of Nicki Minaj & Gucci Mane?

Posted by Miss Allie Cole on May 13, 2010

Debra Antney, Manager & Owner of Mizay Entertainment and Mother of Waka Flocka Flame.

So you might have seen the video, maybe you even heard the name, but what’s really going on with Debra Antney and her managament duties over Nicki Minaj and Gucci Mane?..Let me give you a little background…

Debra Antney, manager and owner of Mizay entertainment, has been in the mouths, ears and minds of the streets and the hip-hop world; everyone wants to know why ties were cut between Deb and her two, now superstar- status artists, Gucci Mane and Nicki Minaj.

It was rumored that she was fired by Nicki Minaj and that Gucci Mane was moving on from So Icy to 1017 Bricksquad, which consists of artists that affliate and work with Gucci, such as Frenchie and OJ da Jucieman. It all continues to be speculation as neither artist has stepped forward and spoken directly on this matter.

Let’s listen to Deb herself…

Although Debra undoubtedly  takes pride in and credit for her artists and bringing them to the forefront, at the end of the day, she still has respect for them and their artistic and entrepreneurial  choices. I’m glad to see that there is no beef…because seriously…there’s enough money out here for all of us [business and media management moguls, and etc…] .

And…Waka Flocka NOW we know where you get it from! Momma is just as gangsta as she WANTS to be! RESPECT!



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