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P.Diddy as Nicki Minaj’s New Manager?–Roger Dat?!

Posted by Miss Allie Cole on May 12, 2010

Nicki? Diddy?...To be Continued...

I just KNOW y’all have heard the rumors!!!…Diddy Taking over as Nicki Minaj’s manager?! [Run, Nicki BABY, RUN!…the ONLY person P.Diddy can successfully make a profit for is himself…] Think about it y’all…how many groups or artists has Diddy tried to take under his wing, and where-in-the-world are they now?…

…Remember the singing group Dream?

Singing Group, The Dream, Once of Diddy's many Projects...

Or what about Day 26?….

Day 26...only hot for about that long....

or even 112 ?!…

112 we miss you! Diddy didn't do his job...where did you go?

Well y’all get the point…

And not only is he rumored to be her new manager, but there are also rumors that the two have romantic ties…what do you think? Diddy denies the romantic ties, saying that he has, “admiration for the new artist” and that they’re just “cool”…keep your eyes on them y’all…



2 Responses to “P.Diddy as Nicki Minaj’s New Manager?–Roger Dat?!”

  1. T. Adeyemi said

    Yo have a good point here. However, I will make one note…Its that all the other artists you mentioned were not only Managed by Diddy. But also and unfortunately signed to his Bad Boy label. Now that’s where the chnage comes is that musically (in terms of finances) Nicki still has a chance to thrive. Keep Diddy out of full control and she may have a happy marriage. Now as far as those two messing around…Hmm, do Bad Boys & Barbies make a good mix?

  2. Mr. Put On said

    lol… Adeyemi u a fool for that final question… (reincarnation of J-Lo [in Diddy’s eyes]????)

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