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Gucci Mane Realeased From Jail (by J. Tinsley)

Posted by Mr. Put On on May 12, 2010

It seems as if it has been longer, but Gucci’s six months behind bars have come to a close.This morning Gucci Mane was released from Fulton County Jail ready to resume his rising career. In what was a customary check before any inmate leaves the facility, no warrants were found to be issued for the 1017 Brick Squad front man while incarcerated. So as of this moment, Gucci Mane is once again a free man.

Before heading back to jail at the end of 2009, Gucci’s career was at its mainstream peak and increasing each day. “Wasted” was one of the true anthems from 2009 and his presence on the mixtape scene ultimately landed him in MTV’s Top 10 MC’s list. Now with that on his rap sheet, Waka Flocka’s ability to create his own fanbase and OJ Da Juiceman still churning out music, it will be interesting to see the direction the label takes now that Gucci is free.

Always the businessman, Gucci already had a press conference set up discussing his release and his future moves. It was already suspected his release from prison would come some time this month due to the fact reports have long been circulating his first post-jail performance would be in Miami for Memorial Day Weekend. After thanking his legal counsel, label, and most importantly the fans for sticking by him he talked about his plans now that hes out which include a new album end of summer titled the Appeal, Waka Flocka’s Album and his group Brick squad and a nationwide tour.


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