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‘ Why Don’t You Love Me? ‘

Posted by Miss Allie Cole on May 11, 2010

Beyonce, you’ve done it again

That’s right Beyonce fans, she might not have  had a new single released for a while, but you know Bey can’t stay away from the scene too long… “Why Don’t You Love Me?” is  Bey’s new pop-infused single, where she seems to channel Dena– from her famous DreamGirls role… This video has unfolded yet another side of Bey we are yet to see; she gets a little edgier and her content becomes a lot more mature each time we hear from her.

In her single, “Why Don’t You Love Me?” she sings to her female audience, and to every woman who feels like she’s ever been taken for granted by her man when she’s given all of herself…In the song, she croons, “I’ve got beauty, I’ve got class, I’ve got style and I got a…and you don’t even care to care…”  [This song better not be autobiographical Bey, ’cause it’s men in line for DAYS, waiting to take Hov’s spot…!]

So, whether you’re a hardcore Bey fan or this song has to grow on you, ladies you’re sure to be able to relate…fellas, take some notes…



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