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“That Street Sh*t Will Buy You Some Sh*t You Wouldn’t Believe…”

Posted by J. Tinsley on May 5, 2010

Between Jeezy and Jada, their respective tapes mark the start of potentially insane summer. And that’s not even considering Cam and Vado’s new “Gangsta Grillz” set to drop any now.

The true rating behind Jeezy’s newest street scripture, Trap or Die II, is still weeks off. Sure people will run around either claiming it’s his best tape ever or his worst, but ask again in about two months – that’ll be your real answer. Seeing as how I held off from any leak other than the song with Plies, it was a refreshing listen all the way through in my book. Some songs stood out more than others, obviously, but it appears to be another quality release in Jeezy’s already respected resume’.

Going into the tape, one of the more anticipated was his collaboration with Virginia Cavaliers, Malice and Pusha T, otherwise known as Clipse. Given the lyrical track record of the three, it wasn’t difficult to guess what the song would center around. Coke, drugs and gunplay all cooked over a simmering instrumental. Thankfully, it was all that plus more. Spitting first, Jeezy wasted no time getting straight to the point.

The way I work that work out, call me a trainer
Throw that water right off the top, who needs a strainer?
Granny told me don’t  bother her forks, I use a hanger
Then I let ’em sit out and air dry, who needs a hanger?
Airport hours, Sunday to Sunday
Let them b#tches fly out the yard, call it a runway
Call me Sensai, Jeezy Miyagi
Got an old school whip game, call it Atari
Some redbones that’ll go out to Phoenix, get that Amare
And every time you walk in they crib it look safari
And they don’t play by Young Money, Nicki Minaj
Powder in the air like Bron, that’s for the gods

By this point, it’s evident this is going to be one of “those type” of songs. Street sh#t, straight bars. Not a damn problem in my book. Already impressed by Jeezy’s outing, Pusha arrived and, how do I put this, skinned this beat alive.

Tell Hova don’t pass the crown so soon
Unless he gotta crown for every writer in the room
It’s too many spirits on these ghost written tunes
So you can’t crown the heir until you seance the room

Keep in mind, the whole verse was on point, but these four bars stuck out like Kat Stacks on Easter Sunday. Gossip has never been my forte’, so who he’s talking about in particular is up for the public to decide. I just know that is a crazy sequence of bars. Last but not least, however, and not to be out done, Malice closes this epic record (calling it now) out.

Sittin’ in that church pew, lookin’ for forgiveness
Wishin’ we had Tony back, now all of us are prisoners
Took it all for granted, I guess freedom was a privledge
VIP, posted, drinks pickin’ up our spirits
Snitch n#gga hear this, let me make it clear
11 hollows in my Glock, whom shall I fear?
And I ain’t gotta tip-toe, I walk without a care
I’m chillin’ like the hook say, of whom shall I beware?
Death is not a scare, in fact I yearn for my Father’s house
F#ck you p#ssy n#ggas, yeah, Malice got that potty mouth
I will f#ck around and show you exactly what I’m talkin’ bout
Even though I walk by faith, I’m still keepin’ that shotty BLAOW!!

if you don’t run this track back several times, you’re not listening hard enough. And this is coming from a guy who has never been Clipse’s biggest fans. I’ve always respected and liked most of their work, but just never really caught on to their movement. This was a totally different monster though.

Who knows what the quality of TM 103 will be? Pending this is any indication, pencil me in for that $8.99 first week. If he has tracks like this to put on mixtapes, the album should be special. Another Clipse collaboration wouldn’t hurt either, by the way.

Download — Young Jeezy feat. Clipse – “I’m Ill’n”


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