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DMV Artist Cupid Williams “Make A Show” Video

Posted by T. Adeyemi on May 3, 2010

With the anticipation for his latest mixtape entitled “The Greatest Show on Earth” building steadily daily, Cupid Williams presents the world with a new video to hold over his fans until the release. The self-proclaimed DMV’s Favorite Son has been putting out more new music and videos than any other unsigned artist in the area in 2010.

His last full length offering Assassin’s Creed truly introduced him to the rest of the world. However, the mixtape which featured over twenty tracks was met with mixed reviews. In speaking with Cupid he says he’s poised to come back with another mixtape to disprove all of his critics wrong for questioning his musical talents. Cupid says he’s using the “Make A Show” video which was directed by up and coming music video producer Derek Pike as a prequel to all the new music and videos he plans on dropping for the 2010 summer.

The visual which features a light-skinned, light-eyed cutie (yes I’m partial ladies) is sure to catch the attention of a few record execs. With the assistance of the rugged but smooth sounds of Blake Underwood on the hook this song certainly shines as one of the memorable cuts from Assassin’s Creed. Look for the “The Greatest Show on Earth” to be featured right here on Grade A in the next week along with a short film to play out the songs. Oh, and did I mention the video is scheduled to be in the MTV rotation later this week. Until then press play and watch the show.

–T. Adeyemi


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