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The Title Stays In Harlem (by J. Tinsley)

Posted by T. Adeyemi on May 2, 2010

Let it be known Elliott Wilson reminded me of this yesterday, so I can’t take full credit for the title. It was a hot mixtape though.

The internet was buzzing yesterday with Cam and Jimmy’s first public appearance together in a few years. It should go without saying how big of a moment this was. Miss Info even gave a play-by-play of the entire event and Twitter was buzzing at the sight. So if the reunion was “too late,” it sure as hell didn’t seem like it.

Who knows if we will ever see another official release from the faction formerly known asDipset, but you have to start somewhere. The other important event of the day was Jimmy’s squad winning the Converse Band of Brothers basketball tournament. Pretty much, just imagine the Rucker being transplanted to Atlanta. Somewhat. From what people told me it was your usual hood basketball game with more fouls than points and every player attempting to channel their inner LeBron or Dwayne Wade.

Jimmy’s team (including Cam suiting up) beat Shawty Lo/Pill/OJ the Juiceman’s squad by a score of 10-5. But let’s get back to this Cam/Jimmy mending of their friendship. This is good. And since we’re speaking about basketball, take a look at this line up:

Cam – Point Guard: This is how the team best operates. Let Cam dictate the tempo of the movement creating plays for everyone else on the team. Killa is the floor general and a damn good one at that.

Vado – Shooting Guard: One of the hottest names in the streets (internets) and can continue to grow running alongside the point guard known as Cam.

Juelz – Small Forward: A few years ago, he would have been the two guard. It is crazy to consider Juelz a vet, but he still has some good years left in him if he can get back on a team that showcases his strengths. Possibly reuniting with Cam could provide flashbacks to his younger playing days. Minus the tall tees.

Jimmy – Power Forward: Capo was always better when he didn’t have to score, but when he did, it was always appreciated and exciting. He was always better as the “enforcer.” A Dipset reunion could allow Jimmy revert back to that more comfortable role.

Zeke – Center: Who else would you want down in the post throwing bows and grabbing rebounds? He doesn’t even have to rap. Just give him 30-45 seconds of sh*t talking at the end of a song and we can all leave happy.

Hell Rell – 6th Man: Point blank, you can’t have a Dipset reunion without Rell. He’s way too entertaining not to get  a call back. Plus his best days were when the Dips were poppin’. And his interviews are some of the best ever – a must if you’re going to be apart of this team.

BONUS: Take a look at the official Converse after party for the Mayweather/Mosley fight with performances by YelaWolf and hometown hero, Donnis.

Shout out to Exclusive Access for the picture and video.


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