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J. Cole – “Who Dat” (prod. by J. Cole & Elite) by J. Tinsley

Posted by Mr. Put On on April 28, 2010

Here’s the “late pass,” but thankfully that doesn’t take away from the quality of the record. Yesterday, J. Cole unleashed the first single from the album, Cole World, with Elite and Jermaine both taking home production credits. For the past few months, the thought of an official single from Cole had me confused. He’s never been the type to stray away from his sound, which is a good thing. But with fans and the climate being so fickle, what could he really put out that could catch on while remaining true to his style?

Well, “Who Dat” is a pretty damn good effort. It’s upbeat, it’s lyrically sound and it has a catchy hook. And when I say lyrically sound, I do mean lyrically sound:

“Clown told me, ‘Ain’t you Roc? Well, where the f*ck yo’ chain at?’
Guess it’s something like yo’ girl, n*gga, it ain’t came yet
The man make the chain, chain don’t make the man
How many n*ggas do we know with hella ice, but yet they lame?
The card from which we came
Me and ‘dem is not the same
It’s like like we all headed to Spain
They took a boat, I took a plane
That boy sick, now hoes on his joystick
Heatin’ up like Mayweather, dog, I’m on that Floyd sh*t
Boy stick to your day job
They said you was hot? Well, they lied
Is that ya girl? Well, I just G’d her (Jeter), no A-Rod…”

Now I can’t get the hook out of my head. Pending the right push, he could make some noise this summer with “Who Dat.” The hook is already stuck in my head.

Download: J. Cole – “Who Dat” (prod. by J. Cole & Elite)


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