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The New York Jets: “Potentially Violent”

Posted by J. Tinsley on April 22, 2010

This offseason has been one for the history books. The Donovan McNabb soap opera ended up in quite possibly the weirdest way imaginable. Instead of being shipped to Oakland, it was a rather simple trip down I-95 to hated rival Washington. Then the Ben Roethlisberger fiasco shook the sports world and probably the only person happy with the whole thing was Tiger Woods. The thing about Big Ben was how much more the situation meant than football. It challenged the power structure of sports, the perception of athletes in the media and, unfortunately, brought back to life the issue of race and sexual assault.

But even still, that isn’t the biggest news of the offseason. Going into the life without football until August, every lover of the league knew what was at stake. There is a extremely probable chance there will not be football in 2011. At least not pro football. While we all contine to pray to the football gods, one thing we also knew coming into the 2010-2011 season was the absence of a salary cap. On the surface, teams like the Dallas Cowboys and New England Patriots were expected flex their financial muscles while.

Who knew the New York Jets assume the role as offseason oppressor? Run through the major acqusitions.

Santonio Holmes (pictured above) – His trade first raised eyebrows after his latest off the field incident. How could he be shipped out of town but Big Ben was still sitting as the team’s face and he allegedly assaulted a young woman (for the second time)? What a difference a few weeks makes. Somewhere the former Superbowl MVP is loving that he was shipped out of town to greener pastures – literally.

Antonio Cromartie – From the laid back town of San Diego to the bright lights of New York City. With Rex Ryan pulling the trigger to get the former Florida State standout, there is officially a “no fly zone” in New York. With the league’s best corner in Darrelle Revis on one side, and Cromartie on the other, it just became that much harder to score on the Jets defense (which was already one of the best in the league).

Jason Taylor – Call him Benedict Arnold if you must, Dolphins fans, but the Jets just landed a steal. He’s a vet, so who knows how many years he has left in the tank. But for one season, with Taylor coming from the outside, and those aforementioned cornerbacks, Lord have mercy on  opposing quarterbacks.

So now, with the NFL Draft in slightly under six hours, who do the Jets take with their first pick?

Let’s just say they take the glamour pick and go with USC safety/freak of nature, Taylor Mays. This could make the Jets the runaway favorite for the AFC represenative in the Superbowl. Their run stopping and pass defense was already scary. And while Taylor Mays coverage skills may be suspect at times, who would he really have to cover in this system? All he would really have to do is sit back and spy on the quarterback the entire game. Revis and Cromartie are going to shut down the sides, so that leaves Mays to roam the middle of the field for unsuspecting receivers and/or running backs.

Granted, the Superbowl is never won in April. But the seeds can sure as hell be planted.


One Response to “The New York Jets: “Potentially Violent””

  1. Mr. Put On said

    Jets defnitely have 3 maybe 4 Monday night games.. even the NFL and whoever does the scheduling knows they’re bout to get it in this season

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