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Blake Kelly – Forest Fires (Mixtape)

Posted by Mr. Put On on April 21, 2010

When all the trees are lit
The ashes begin to fall
The smoke starts to fly
What once touched the ground
Can now reach the sky
The winds get heavy
The fire sets a Blaze
Leaving nothing in its path
All is just a Haze……

What’s left?

-Forest Fires

Brought to you by Blake Kelly, Rockstarzzz, Signature Rock Soul, MajicTrackz, Grade A Media, and Boy Wonder Productions.

Grade A Download: Blake Kelly – Forest Fires


2 Responses to “Blake Kelly – Forest Fires (Mixtape)”

  1. […] sites around the world-wide web. After two successful mixtapes, “Higher Education” and “Forest Fires” he’s now looking to drop a follow-up EP later this summer. Before the EP however, Blake says […]

  2. […] and Ya Money, I’m expecting big things from Blake’s next compilation. He released Forest Fires on 4/21 and to much chagrin it hadn’t reached the standards set by Higher […]

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