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Putting It Bluntly With Big Boi, DJ Burn One, Freddie Gibbs & Curren$y (by J. Tinsley)

Posted by Mr. Put On on April 20, 2010

April 20th. Numerically known as “4:20.” Just the thought of date and its subliminal meaning alone creates euphoria. The civil union of marijuana and music dates back not only years, but decades and genres. Jimi Hendrix was a known herbal supporter (along with several other substances). Satchmo, otherwise referred to as Louis Armstrong, smoked marijuana on a daily basis. A personal doctor, Dr. Gary Zucker, even admitted there was no evidence it did him any harm. Arguably the plant’s most famous endorser, Bob Marley, still finds himself plastered on the walls of Mary Jane connoisseurs worldwide.

Hip-Hop has long since professed its love for Mary Jane as well. This love is so blatant, it may be easy to believe that April 20th is simply another day and the meaning behind it serves no purpose. Not exactly. La La loyalists, Big Boi, Burn One , Freddie Gibbs and Curren$y, recently took the time to reflect on their favorite marijuana memories. Stories of Animal Planet, dinosaur chases, Family Guy and the ever-so-useful “4:20 Survival Tip” await. Light up.

Sir Luscious Left Foot: The Son Of Chico Dusty hits shelves July 6

Favorite Album/Song – I’ll probably listen to any Bob Marley album. Really, I’ll just put my iPod on shuffle get it going, ya know?

Favorite Movie/TV Show Family Guy. Oh, and The Cleveland Show. I got a got damn subscription on my iTunes, so I just bought all that sh#t. I like the episode where they were in the witness protection program–that sh#t was funny as hell. My favorite character on Family Guy is probably Quagmire. Oh, the funniest one I seen though was when Quagmire had that baby. Now that was funny as hell. That motherf#cker was about to try to f#ck Peter’s wife all in the grocery store like “giggity, giggity.” (Laughs)

Most Unique Memory – Boy, that’s so many, know what I’m talkin’ bout? It’s so much. It’s always something, man. When we were down there shooting videos in Savannah, these girls were outside beefin’. These girls got to swingin’ like some n#ggas out there, was brawlin’ on the corner. That sh#t was funny. I’m talkin’ about slamming the girl head through a glass. I got some footage of that sh#t somewhere. This was probably like the third week of January.

“4:20 Survival Tip” – I just be in cruise control, man. I don’t be with all that. Just light up some incense and drink some Crunk Juice, give me a pen and a pad and I’m gone. Yeah, I can definitely blow it wide open like that.

The man who helped launch Pill to the masses and Yelawolf’s Trunk Muzik has funny stoner stories – for days

Favorite Album/Song – Ah, man, Pink Floyd’s Dark Side Of The Moon always goes over well. It’s a pretty incredible album to listen to if you’re driving down the freeway at like 3 a.m…stoned. It has so many crazy sounds and you always pick up something different every time you listen to it.

Favorite Movie/TV Show – I watch so much TV, man. Like literally, just anything. But if I had to pick one thing, it’d have to be the Discovery Channel: Animal Planet. I love watching anything about nature when I’m high. It’s like the coolest sh#t ever. Like watching the rams fight, any of that crazy sh#t. When you watch Animal Planet, or anything like Man vs. Wild, it’s just too funny. Those animals be goin’ ham. (Laughs.) But yeah, anything on the Discovery Channel is cool with me.

Most Unique Memory – Basically, it was like a college/spring break type trip [while touring with Bubba Sparxx]. They flew us out to Colorado for five days and we only had three shows, so we had a couple off days. I met some skateboarders up there. They had a vaporizer, and I never smoked out of a vaporizer before. So, we get to the hotel, (they were staying in the same hotel) but just on a different floor. Myself and the hypeman, Dirt Reynolds, go up there and start smoking out of the vaporizer. I hit this thing twice and I’m the highest I have ever been in my life. My heart starts pounding and I’m getting nervous like ‘I don’t know these people.’

I told Dirt I had to go because I was getting super paranoid. So I’m walking down the hallway looking for my room and I get lost in the hotel. I finally find the elevator and go down to the bottom and I feel like I’m in a completely different hotel. I come to find out there are two different elevators and I went down the wrong one. By this time, I’m feeling against the wall, my knees are weak man. It was a terrible situation, but I finally got to my room. I called my homeboy and was like ‘I love you man. My heart is beating too fast.’ And he’s all like ‘What the f#ck is wrong with you?’ I told him I smoked too much weed. He started laughing and told me to go to sleep and I’d be straight. I took like an hour nap and woke up fine. But man, I felt like I smoked crack or something.

The first time I ever smoked was when I was like 20 on the road with Bubba [Sparxx]. After this show, I basically had my hand open and everybody kept putting weed in my hand saying their sh#t was the best. So I had like an eighth in my hand for no reason. But it was the greatest weed you ever saw. We get in the limo to head back to the hotel and and they’re rolling it up and I’m like ‘damn, if there was any time to smoke…when in Rome.’ (Laughs.)

By the time we get to the hotel, man, the whole night I was looking at my doorknob. I swore somebody was messing with it the whole night. So I’m like hiding under the covers, looking at the doorkob. The whole time I’m like ‘why are they f#ckin’ with me?’ I must have checked that door like 10 times – looking through the peephole, opening it up and looking down the hallway. I swore that handle was moving.

“4:20 Survival Tip” – I have to have music. And lots of water. Smoothies are good too. But really, just any type of entertainment around is what I like.

Freddie Gibbs is the same guy who once smoked a two foot long blunt – and lived to rap about it

Favorite Album/Song – Dr. Dre’s The Chronic. It’s probably because of the name, but this is the first CD I smoked to the whole way through. My favorite song? “Living For The Love Of You” by The Isley Brothers.

Favorite Movie/TV ShowTeenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Man, I smoked my very first blunt while that sh#t was in the VCR.

Most Unique Memory – That’s easy. I lost my virginity to the smoke and the p#ssy on the very same day. June 14, 1995.

“4:20 Survival Tip” – Always keep the blunt down while smoking in the car. Take it from a n#gga that has been pulled over smoking many times. And keep some spray or something to take the aroma out the car. Like in G.I., we use Boonies to knock the weed smell out. But really if you smoke in yo’ car as much as I do, you might not be able to get the smell out. Regardless, keep them blunts low when you smoking.

The self-proclaimed “botanist” once thought dinosaurs were chasing him.

Favorite Album/Song – Lately I’ve been on a Snoop Dogg kick, mainly bumpin’ Tha Last Meal. Especially “Stacy Adams” and “Loose’n Control.”

Favorite Movie/TV Show – I don’t think this will ever change: Dazed and Confused foo!

Most Unique Memory – I remember this one time I got so high, I ran in between two cars because I thought Jurassic Park was happening in real life. I was in this parking lot and it was by a baseball field. They had fireworks and all types of loud noises and sh#t going on. And the cars were thumping and I looked on the dashboard and the coffee in this McDonald’s cup was just steady going “boom…boom…boom..” (Laughs.)

“4:20 Survival Tip” – The only way to be sure that you’re safe from the monsters, aliens and police is to be at that “Howlin’ Wolf” show in New Orleans TONIGHT!.

The debate as to whether marijuana will ever be legalized in America likely still has decades and decades worth of battles in its future. If it even develops into a national issue is what truly remains to be seen. However, the adoring and seemingly massive population it represents will never cease campaigning for its liberation.

Too bad those same people who read this won’t be able to comprehend it until tomorrow.


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