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Obama Failing Woefully in CBS Poll – Vote Now

Posted by Mr. Put On on April 20, 2010

Yesterday CBS posted a poll on their website marking almost a year in Obama’s tenure. All of this week people are being asked to grade Obama in 10 categories.

  • The Economy
  • Foreign Policy
  • Healthcare
  • Afghanistan
  • Iraq
  • Threat of Terrorism
  • Energy and the Environment
  • Social Issues
  • Bipartisanship
  • Overall

At the current moment President Obama is failing each of these 10 categories woefully. This is no blow to CBS as unlike some polls (Fox News) neither the post nor the manner in which the categories presented are biased or misleading.

For those who do not understand, it is polls like these whose results are shown on national tv. When the reporters and politicians discuss approval ratings and how the nation feels about our president. The results of polls like those on CBS, ABC, and even NBC are taken very seriously as these networks usually show no favoritism. Because of that, the general public looks to these and can easily be swayed.

People can vote as many times as they want, just know that your vote counts, and can definitely change the opinion of a nation. We here at grade A ask that you go, and cast your opinion honestly, and make some change in the way the nation feels about our President.

Take the Poll Now


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