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Grade A: B.O.B at SOB’s

Posted by Mr. Put On on April 14, 2010

Monday night, B.O.B performed at the legendary S.O.B.’s and the video speaks for itself. B.O.B’s crowd control is something reminiscent of Lupe Fiasco. It’s been some time since I’ve seen an artist control the crowd with every word. In 2010 its the beat that controls the crowd. Put on the beat of any recognizable song, and watch the crowd go berserk before the words even begin. There are only a few artists today who can still control a crowd when the beat goes off– acapella. B.O.B comes at a time when most Hip-Hop says nothing, at a time when production trumps lyricism, and EVERYONE who listened to rap over the past 2 decades is looking for an artist to revive RAP.Although I wasn’t able to see the whole show, I could hear it from downstairs. (My adventures “backstage” will soon follow, boy do I have some stuff for you!) And from what I heard B.O.B rocked the show. The little footage I did catch you can see above. For more from the show you can check out footage on RapRadar, the sponsors of the show.

B.O.B’s album Adventures of Bobby Ray hits stores April 27 so make sure you get a copy.


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