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Off Season Moves

Posted by servontaym on April 13, 2010

J-E-T-S yes they are  making big offseason moves this year. After a taste of the playoffs last year with rookie Quarterback  Mark Sanchez and Rookie head coach Rex Ryan. The Jets were probably tired of being the team mentioned after the New York Giants when somebody mentions a New York football team. But this offseason started off with a bang for the Jets when they signed Antonio Cromatarie. Only adding to a stiff secondary that is already stacked with a young Darelle Revis  stopping anybody that he is matched up with, even OchoCinco two times. 

The Jets might have released Thomas Jones but they had a steal when they picked up the Hall of Fame Running Back LaDanian Tomilson  in free agency. The offense was complete with that move the Jets had two running backs a nice one two punch. They had their quarterback of the future and even somebody he had to throw to by the name of Braylon Edwards.

But Yesterday they got the former Superbowl MVP  Santonio Holmes for a 5th Round pick from the Steelers. Im not a general Manager but I know that trade was not supposed to happen like that even if Holmes is suspended for the first four Games. Everyone in the AFC just beware of when you see the Jets on your schedule a lot of weaons that can have them as a strong superbowl contender. I cant wait in till Madden comes out now either.


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