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Gyptian – Hold Yuh (Remix ft. Nicki Minaj)

Posted by Mr. Put On on April 13, 2010

So I’m not the hugest Nicki Minaj fan– you definitely won’t ever hear me call myself a Harajuku Barbie, and I’m not such a strong proponent of her pitch and tone changes. Oh and the faces she makes; not my favorite. All that is neither here nor there. I think that by now, Nicki has proven herself to be a top artist at the moment. Crushing the female game, she’s stuck her foot woefully into the male game as well, vying with some of the best in 2010.

Here is the latest example (though only a few bars) of how the Harajuku Barbie herself is making sure she leaves her imprint on Hip-Hop lyrically, not just image wise. I must say, I was rockin’ to this on 95 (props to Funk Master Flex for the radio break) as I headed to SOB’s (story and videos coming shortly). Consider this your Put On

Download: Gyptian – Hold Yah (Remix ft. Nicki Minaj)


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