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“Uncle Ruckus” Praises Tiger Woods (by J. Tinsley)

Posted by T. Adeyemi on April 11, 2010

From the moment Tiger crashed his whip in November and proceeded to lose all of his side beats in the process, I’ve remained steadfast in my support for Eldrick. Not support for his infidelity or that dumbass voicemail and those freaky ass text messages he was sending jumpoff #7. Those things, well, those things were just plain stupid.

When it all boils down, none of that stuff is my business. The fact he cheated with “x” amount of women makes me no difference in the world. Take that up with Elin. As long as he continues to win tournaments, Tiger will be alright in my book because that’s all he owes me as  a fan. Other people feel the need to crucify the guy and that’s fine because that’s the way of the world and everyone is a critic in some shape, form or fashion. Myself included.

One person who also joins me in my support of Woods, however, is the lovable Uncle Tom from “The Boondocks,” “Uncle Ruckus.” If you’re a fan of the show, his reason shouldn’t be that hard to figure out – Ruckus loves the snowbunnies.

“The Boondocks” return to television May 2 on Cartoon Network.


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