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New Orleans Bounce Music (by J. Tinsley)

Posted by T. Adeyemi on April 8, 2010

His best days behind him. The label he helped transform to a household name is still just that, only 100 times bigger. But even while focusing on what Juvenile doesn’t have anymore, there is something no one can ever take away – 400 Degreez. In 1998, aside from OutKast, Scarface and Master P, “mainstream” Southern Hip-Hop was, for the most part, nonexistent. With the arrival of Juve’s magnum opus in November of that year, the norm was broken. And it was done by a start up label from the bottom of the map, at that.

The album was raw, bouncy, graphic and dirty. Pretty much everything the projects of New Orleans represented. He and Mannie Fresh also created what would eventually become one of the most powerful party anthems of all time. It’s one of those LP’s which aged well and one that truly provided the platform for Cash Money become the entity they are now. Harking back to that raw, bouncy, graphic and dirty stuff, comes the record “Juvenile On Fire.” It was all of those things. And more.

“Let’s say I’m in a room with a b_tch
And the hoe don’t wanna f_ck
Like a man I’ma beat my meat
And get my f_ckin’ nut
Fa’sho she gonna be drove then
And I’ma cut the TV off
And got to sleep on that hoe then
Now tell that to your girlfriend
You tell her everything else
She gon’ be with her boyfriend
You gon’ be by your damn self
While I’m in my Benz with your friend
And she bout to get nervous
Baby I don’t want nothing
But some mouth and lip service…”

Not exactly the most respectful lyrics ever, but a microcosm of what the album personified. It’s also one hell of an intro to a song. To the new age C.M./Y.M. fans, it may be blasphemous to fathom there was even a time when Wayne played the background. This was that time. So while the days of soulja rags, white tees and hot girls may have cooled off, this track (and album) have managed to remain the same temperature for well over a decade.

DL: Juvenile – “Juvenile On Fire”


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