Grade A Certified


Posted by servontaym on April 8, 2010

Usually when you here Suge Knights name you think of  Death Row and a big bully. But today Suge Knight is not going to be  the evil character in this story. Today Mr. Knight filed a lawsuit against Kanye West, after being shot in late 2005 in the leg at a party  hosted by Kanye in Miami. This is a prime example of when you  go broke what will you do to get more money.  Five years later and Suge Knight complains that Kanye didn’t provide “adequate” security and wants 1 million dollars. That doesn’t even seem right when has Suge Knight ever needed a body guard to protect him. Last time I checked Suge Knight was still dangling Vanilla Ice over a balcony.  Now how does Kanye feel since a new album is coming in June.


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