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Grade A: The Weekly Drop (4/6/10)

Posted by T. Adeyemi on April 6, 2010

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As you proceed with your week. Here’s a few things you may want to keep an eye on, or even just use as conversation starters around the office. Week to week continue to check out The Weekly Drop to keep you informed on what is happening in the world around you. Become well-rounded, live life Grade A, and then you will be #CERTIFIED.   

Hit the jump for the Links.    

The 10 Best Black Romantic Comedies of All Times [Vibe]    

So, do people actually like the IPad? [CNNSciTech]    

KFC sandwich ditches the bread [MSNBC]    

Rihanna Will Hit the Road with Ke$ha & Nicki Minaj [People]    

7 Things Lil Wayne Will Miss While He’s In Prison [Vibe]    

Wanda Sykes Parodies Erykah Badu’s Infamous ‘Window Seat’ Music Video [BallerStatus]    

Styles P – The Ghost Dub-Dime [MusicRemedy]    

Great Moments In Music Nudity [GlobalGrind]    

8-year-old Drives off in Family Van [MSNBC]    

How social networks impact drinking habits [Time]    

As a Bonus here’s a couple Grade A articles you may have missed from the past week:    

Grade A: Wake Up…Wake Up…Its the 1st of the Month    

Grade A: GoldRush    

Grade A: Stat Quo: “The Long Road To Statlanta“ (by J. Tinsley)    

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