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Trey Songz – “Over” (by J. Tinsley)

Posted by T. Adeyemi on April 5, 2010

Young Legend leaked this last night. Trey reflects on his long road to success over Boi-1da and Drake’s outing. Not a bad outing from Songz and I’ll say it again, Trey > a lot of rappers (and singers) who attempt to hop on industry beats. Crazy thing is, he’s been doing it since 2004.

Forget all that though, I have to give respect to Trey for one thing.  He shouted out Mumeet Daddy towards the end.

“They used to go, ‘Who he?’/ That’s word to Mumeet/ Paper on his books, no loose-leaf…”

FYI, he’s the guy in the driver’s seat with the money. Long before Trey hit the road with Jay and Jeezy and posing shirtless for magazine covers, he was apart of a group called “The 804 Boyz.” They even released a mixtape with DJ Smallz back in like 2006. I’ll upload it one of these days. Anyway, Mumeet was arrested and sentenced to football numbers in prison for drug related charges (don’t quote me on that part). This won’t mean anything to anyone who really hasn’t followed Trey since the beginning (or those who don’t care), but it is good to see Trey still holding down the dudes he came up with.

DL: Trey Songz – “Over”


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