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Redskins land McNabb in blockbuster trade with Eagles

Posted by GingerKiD on April 5, 2010

Well NFL fans weren’t surprised to hear that McNabb was finally traded by the Eagles late Sunday afternoon. But I believe everyone thats follows the NFL was shocked to see him switch uniforms, but stay in the NFC East!

One of the initial reactions to this trade is why? Just look at it, Washington gives up their second-round pick this year and a third- or fourth-rounder next year. While the Eagles handed over one of the best players in team history to a division rival who has a new head coach, a respectable defense, and Washington kept No. 4 pick.  Plus the Eagles have to face McNabb twice next year!

In what closes the book on the up and down relationship between McNabb and the Eagles, more questions are now on the horizon for both teams. First for the Eagles is who’s the starter now? Kevin Kolb has shown in 2 games some flashes, and Mike Vick is a former Pro Bowler. Training camp should be interesting to say the least for the Eagles with their first open competition at the QB position since 1999, when the Eagles fans booed McNabb’s selection.

And for Washington, new coach, new QB, same owner. Is this the formula for success or will it be the same ole ‘skins? McNabb has one year left on his deal, what does that mean for his future in DC and what about poor Jason Campbell?

We haven’t even gotten to the 2010 NFL Draft yet and what maybe be the last season before a lock out has already gotten interesting, to say the least!


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