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Grade A: DJ Marvalous Presents – Martians Ball

Posted by T. Adeyemi on April 5, 2010

First things first, please allow me to hand in my “Late Pass” for not posting this mixtape sooner. The scene over here at Grade A has been kind of crazy this past weekend. Nonetheless, that’s no excuse so Monday morning the hammer goes down on the grind yet again.

One person who has certainly been grinding thus far in 2010 is none other than DJ Marvalous. Whether you’ve been seeing him on the scene in the hottest clubs in the DMV or just following his movement here at Grade A, I’m sure you’ve taken notice. So it should come as no surprise that he has graced the world with his third compilation so far this year. “Martians Ball” continues DJ Marvalous series with the homies over at Dimes and Nicks who also have an emerging clothing line called Centsless that you’ll be seeing more of around here very soon.

DJ Marvalous is without a doubt making a name for himself in this mixtape game with thousands of downloads from coast to coast. Shamelessly, I keep telling him he should charge for the Grade A #CERTIFIED Crack he keeps serving ya’ll. But fortunately he maintains his “No Dress Code, No Coverage Charge” policy when it comes to mixtapes. So while it’s still FREE and the summer is steadily approaching download “Martians Ball” if you want something to play at the stop light, windows down, turned up real loud as the girls pull up beside you. Yeah, as my homie J. Tinsley said, “Not much compares to that feeling. Summertime, windows down, listening to that feel good music.”

Hit the jump for the back cover art and the download link.

Grade A Download: DJ Marvalous Presents “Martians Ball”

In case you missed DJ Marvalous last offerings here’s a Grade A Flashback:

Grade A Download: DJ Marvalous Presents: Love University [Class of Two Thousand & Infinity] Mixtape

Grade A Download: DJ Marvalous Presents: State of Emergency (DNN)

–T. Adeyemi


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