Grade A Certified


Posted by servontaym on March 31, 2010


On 4/20/10  the GoldRush will be released and so will the evolution of an Artist.  In a elite  class with many upcoming artist  Euro P  Gold plans to  take everybody through the growth with this Mixtape. Releasing his first mix tape last year entitled Day After Rehab Gold displayed that the talent couldn’t be denied with  songs  like Miss Repeat and Hippie Hop  The Philly native didn’t relax he wanted everybody to know who he was so now we will have the GoldRush. Sitting down with Euro P he describes the mix tape as a movie. Performing at every Hampton University event and back home while squeezing into the studio while balancing school….. That would be a movie to me. With the mix tape less than a month away  we get a taste of whats to come. Here is one song off  of the GoldRush coming in 21 days.



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