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Apparently Child Support Money Buys Kelis’s Weaves

Posted by T. Adeyemi on March 31, 2010

LADIES: Would you pay $5,000 to Look like THIS?


Normally this wouldn’t be my kind of subject, however at times like this I have no problem making exceptions. First, let’s ask ourselves (the viewing public) a few questions. One, when is the last time anybody has seen Kelis in a hairdo that started a trend? The ex-Queensbridge sidekick certainly has made multiple statements with her choice of attire and her hairdos, but never has she been a trendsetter. 

Secondly, where did she get the money for a $5,000 weave if she’s got the battery in Nas’s back for more child support money since according to her $44,000 A MONTH was not enough to raise their child. 

Apparently, the extra money Kelis took Nas back to court for was allocated to her beautification fund. Oh Wait, I guess not since shorty never actually paid up. Kelis was taken to court Monday stemming from a May 2009 trip to a Santa Monica hair salon where Kelis had a $5,000 weave put in her head, got up, walked out, and never paid the tab. To add to the matter Kelis did not show up for court so a judgement for the full amount was made. 

Now, I’m generally not one to judge…But how is it that Kelis can afford a $5,000 weave but somehow is not able to live off of $44,000 a month in child and spousal support from Nas on top of her own income? If things aren’t adding up to you too, hopefully Nas will take Kelis back to court and the judge will come to the same conclusion. 

Hopefully, the hairdo in this picture was NOT the one that cost her 5 stacks. 

— T. Adeyemi


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