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The Road To Mood Muzik 4 (by J. Tinsley)

Posted by T. Adeyemi on March 28, 2010

I’ll tell anyone who wants to listen Mood Muzik 2 was one of the best releases (mixtape, album, whatever) from the last decade. And “If I Die Tomorrow” was one of the best songs. But see, that was 2005-06 when Joey was still relatively shunned by most. For lack of a better term, Joey was coined “the internet’s favorite rapper.” Fast forward five years, and the more things changed, the more they’ve actually stayed the same.

The power of the internet has increased tenfold. Joey’s still a people’s favorite, but slightly more “accessible” thanks to his once very popular “Joe Budden TV” and Twitter. He’s apart of a highly respected lyrical quartet in Slaughterhouse. But the personal demons which have always forced Mouse to make those incredibly personal and heartfelt records still exist.

As it stands, Mood Muzik 4 is around the corner and our first therapy session is “Hello Expectations.” Backed by a hard hitting instrumental, Joey vents about the random musings of the music industry, fickle fans and how he deals with all the B.S. thrown his way over the years. It’s regular pissed off Joe, but if you’re a fan, then that’s always a good thing.

“If you got an assessment of what I represent
It’s more than likely negligent if we was never friends
Poppin’ shit online? You haven’t even met me
Youse a pussy and a bush, Kardashian and Reggie
Hello expectations, I should look familiar
Every time we meet you tell me ‘ain’t nobody realer’
Whatever you expect from me, I always go beyond that
And you be lookin’ shocked as if we lost contact…”

Are you in that mood yet?

DL: Joe Budden – “Hello Expectations” (prod. by Beewirks)


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