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Billboard Breakdown (3/24) (by J. Tinsley)

Posted by T. Adeyemi on March 25, 2010

Crazy thing is, the last time I did this, Sade was number one on the charts. Good to see she hasn’t fallen too far.

2) Sade – Soldier of Love – 76,462

  • See, I told you she didn’t fall too far. At this point she could release any song for the next single and it wouldn’t matter.

7) Lady Gaga – Fame – 49,430

  • I still haven’t seen her nine minute infomercial with Beyonce. And I probably never will.

13) DJ Khaled – Victory – 29,484

  • I kind of figured “The Mouth of the South” would put these types of numbers up. There wasn’t much hype behind the project at all. That said though, “All I Do Is Win” is my sh*t.

20) Alicia Keys – The Element of Freedom – 24,469

  • I don’t know what her total numbers look like, but she has to be platinum by now. If not, her video with Beyonce will do the trick. Side note, I stumbled upon the “Unthinkable” instrumental a few weeks ago. Talk about a come up.

23) Trey Songz – Ready – 20,927

  • That tour with Hov and Jeezy seems to be working wonders for Trey. Still in the top 20 six months after the album dropped? Not bad. Not bad at all.

32) Young Money – We Are Young Money – 15,536

  • It’s crazy to see people just now coming around to “Steady Mobbin’.” Regardless, this album served its purpose: to kill time until Drake and Nicki got their solo projects ready.

38) Melanie Fiona – The Bridge – 13,066

  • With record sales being what they are nowadays, I’d say the beautiful Melanie’s debut offering was quite successful. One of the better and focused R&B projects in awhile. Hopefully the second album isn’t too far off.

50) Michael Jackson – Number Ones – 10,668

  • What’s a sales chart without Michael Jackson?

As always, to see the entire list, click here.


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