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Creeping On Perfection

Posted by J. Tinsley on March 24, 2010

Note: This has nothing to do with John Calipari or Kentucky. Well, it somewhat does. Just keep reading, you’ll see where I’m going.

Some stuff you just can’t make up no matter how hard you try. If you’re like me and the other 99.9% of Americans who filled out brackets, yours has probably barely been keeping its above water. That’s the beautiful thing about March Madness though. You know your bracket is going to suck each year by the second weekend, but yet you fill it out every year faithfully.

Each year I fill my bracket out, I always wonder if anyone will ever run the table. Keep in mind you have a better chance of getting abducted by aliens, hitting the lottery twice and sleeping with Beyonce…all in a weeks time. Earlier today I came across an article which completely stunned me.
Meet Alex Hermann. He’s the only person in America with a PERFECT bracket. Supposedly. And by perfect I mean he picked Northern Iowa over Kansas and Ohio over Georgetown. Oh yeah, did I mention he’s autistic too?

“I’m good at math,” Alex, a Glenbrook South High School student, said. “I’m kind of good at math and at stats I see on TV during the game.”

Alex entered the bracket on’s bracket challenge. His 24-year-old brother Andrew, who helped him enter his picks into CBS’ bracket manager, also entered the contest — and ranks behind 500,000 other people.

“My bracket is totally shot,” hist 24-year-old brother Andrew said. “So is everyone else I know.”

ESPN estimates around 4.78 million played in their bracket challenge, but no one picked all the games correctly. The leader at ESPN’s bracket has already missed four games.

The Chicago native said he studied all season for the tournament. What? I do that every year and never come close. One year I had 14 of the Sweet 16 teams and just knew ESPN would be knocking on my door for an analyst position. I’m a man with pride, but even I have to give respect where it’s due. It’s all luck, but damn, I’ll be interested to see how far his luck will take him.

And then there’s this: Alex picked Purdue to win the whole thing. Probably not going to happen.

And that just happens to be his brother’s alma mater.

Hey, I respect that. Purdue’s not going to win, but hey, I had Richmond in the Final Four so what do I know? Oh yeah, in case you’re wondering, the odds of a perfect bracket wire to wire – 1 in 1,000,000,000,000. As in 1 in one trillion.

Clap for him.

To see his entire bracket, click here.


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