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Grade A: The Weekly Drop (3/22/10)

Posted by T. Adeyemi on March 23, 2010

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Check Out these links, we’re sure a few of them will interest you. At the very least, The Weekly Drop will keep you informed on what’s going on in the world around you.  — Got To Be Grade A

Hit the jump for the Links.

Max B Receives Appeal on Murder Conviction [RGF]

Mariah Carey’s ‘Angels Advocate’ Canceled ? [LatinaRoom]

REMEMBER ORAN JUICE JONES? [GangstarrGirl] (Worth a Listen)

Lanvin Brown Leather & Navy Neoprene Hi-top Sneaker [TooHood4Hollywood]

An ABSOLUT Collaboration with Jay-Z [StuffPeopleLike]

Principal Bans Hugs in Oregon Middle School [Fox News]

Eating less meat won’t reduce global warming: study [Yahoo]

Jay-Z Beaks Down “The Blueprint” Trilogy, “I ain’t have a reason to do the third one.” [SOHH]

The Dream Shoots Love King Videos, Sets Release [SingersRoom]

As a Bonus here’s a couple Grade A articles you may have missed from the past week:

Grade A: Grade A Media Presents: The I-64 Informal Cab : East Meets West

Grade A: DTLR & Present: The Spring Break Mixtape

Grade A: Grade A: Dave Coresh – Formal Introduction (Mixed by DJ Tay James)

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  1. Dean Cortez, Dating advice, Mack Tactics…

    […]Grade A: The Weekly Drop (3/22/10) « Grade A Certified[…]…

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