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Blake Kelly – “Jump Rope” Video (by J. Tinsley)

Posted by T. Adeyemi on March 23, 2010

With 4/20 officially less than one month away, we might as well start things off right. It’s been a minute since I posted Blake Kelly around here, but that’s not to mean he hasn’t been working on his next project. Campus Kingpen is set to drop sometime between now and May and from what I hear his project after that is already in motion. When I get the name of that, I’ll be sure to slide that your way. I was actually giving his debut Higher Education a run through not too long ago and was pleased at how well it sounded months later. So if you don’t have that, I advise you head over to his website and add that to your archives. Definitely a good tape to have now that the weather is taking a turn for the better.

“Jump Rope” is the latest visual from B-Kelz co-starring his leading lady, Mary Jane. This was shot not too long ago while he was in ATL recording. I’m not exactly sure if this will make C.K., but feel free to ask him yourself on Twitter, @RockstarBK. I’m pretty sure he’ll respond. So if getting lifted is your thing, press play and hop on a cloud with Blake and join the cipher. In the meantime, enjoy this great weather we’re having. Best believe I will


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