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“Run That Back…” Gudda Gudda feat. Lil Wayne – “I Don’t Like The Look”

Posted by J. Tinsley on March 20, 2010

It’s back to the money at the YM/CM offices even as the general gets ready to complete his second week in Rikers. Drake and Nicki Minaj are continuing to prep two of 2K10’s most anticipated albums and Gudda Gudda is readying his mixtape, Back 2 Guddaville. This Willy Wonka sampled track (yes, Willy Wonka), “I Don’t Like The Look,” is a tag team free for all with Wayne. Gudda holds his own and does his thing on the track, but it’s the boss who steals the show.

“Goons on deck, Marley don’t shoot ’em
Silence on the gun, watch a nigga mute ’em
The coach in the booth, call me Jon Gruden
School these niggas, they all my students
All jokes aside, I ain’t playin’ witcha
The weed broke down like a transmission
The chopper spin ’em round like a ballerina
Bitch I’m still spittin’ like I ate a jalapena
I’m from Uptown, my bitch from Argentina
My pockets on fat like Joey Cartegena
Stunt so hard, it’s all yall fault
And when it come to beef gimme A-1 Sauce
I ain’t worried bout shit, everything paid out
You can catch me courtside in Dwayne Wade house
With a high yellow thick bitch with her legs out
Cash Money President, but we in a red house
Who the fuck want it? Make my fuckin’ day
I blow your candles out, now nigga cut the cake
I gotta eat biiitch, like a runaway
Yall niggas ain’t eatin’, stomach-ache
All these bitches, and niggas still hatin’
I used to be ballin’, but now I’m Bill Gate’n
Fuckin’ with my iPhone bumpin’ Illmatic
I’m on the road to riches, it’s just a little traffic
Hair still platted, thuggin’ is a habit
Keep my guitar, hip-hop Lenny Kravitz
Bunch of bad bitches and I fuck ’em like rabbits
Dope dick Weezy, your girlfriend an addict…”

Being a fan of dude is an acquired taste, I understand that. But you’ve gotta admit he can snap on a trade when he wants to. Between this, his feature on Joc’s new song and the new Trae record, he’s been killing tracks this year.

DL: Gudda Gudda feat. Lil Wayne – “I Don’t Like The Look”


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