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Usher x T.I. – “Guilty”

Posted by Okla Jones on March 12, 2010

Raymond vs. Raymond, slated to hit stores later this year.

Last year was not a particularly good one for Mr. Usher Raymond IV. His record sales for Here I Stand did not reach the label’s expectations, as well as that nasty public breakup. But 2010 marks a new year for the former King of R & B. The singles and leaked tracks from his upcoming album has proved that Usher is still part of elite, and is still capable of staying relevant. Check out this new song from Raymond vs. Raymond, which features T.I.; the LP is due for release later this year.

Oh, on another note, it’s good to see The King back at it. He’s been stationed in a “halfway house” since the beginning of ’10, and in only a few more months he will “officially” be free. I’m sure that everyone is hoping and praying that fellow member of the southern trinity, Lil’ Wayne; will keep his head up throughout the one year bid that he must complete on the infamous Riker’s Island. Like they say, you only do two days…. but enough of that. Check out the new Usher and T.I., be safe.

DL: Usher x T.I. – “Guilty”


One Response to “Usher x T.I. – “Guilty””

  1. Frankie said

    is this his new song…?

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