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Your Five Day Forecast (by. J. Tinsley)

Posted by T. Adeyemi on March 5, 2010

I’ve heard when all the planets are in alignment crazy things tend to happen. Tides rise. Volcanoes erupt. And temperatures rise and fall around the world. Well, I’m not sure what’s going on in the music world, but the very near future has big releases from some of the game’s most anticipated and respected names. Here’s the forecast.

1. Fab & DJ Drama Finally Close The Casket With TINC 2 I had almost given up on hearing this before spring break. I’m happily incorrect. Judging from the tracklist (aka “wishful thinking”), I’d say we’re in for one hell of a funeral.

Download Now: LiveMixtapes

2. Drake’s Wait Is “Over” – He’s provided a hit for a critically acclaimed mixtape and for LeBron’s soundtrack. Now we’ll get our first look to see if Thank Me Later will spawn into the classic so many expect it to.

Download Now: All Things Fresh

3. Jeezy Hooks Up With Mrs. Carter The Snowman and Sasha Fierce together for TM 103’s first official single? That’s what the word is ’round town. And everyone from Kanye to Boi-1da on the production? Stay tuned, Young might have a sure fire #1 with this one.

ETA: Sometime early next week. Or earlier if you know who gets a hold of it.

4. Clifford’s Return – Almost out the clutches of the law, Tip has already joined Twitter (although I‘m pretty sure it’s not actually him it ain’t him) and is ready to release his first record of 2010, “I’m Back.” Well, we’re waiting.

ETA: Monday

5. The Freshman Stepshow – All 10 rookies make the most of their “first” trip on the yard by letting go of brand new tracks courtesy of DJ Whoo Kid. Yes, that means new music from Pill, Wiz, J. Cole, Freddie, Fashawn and the whole gang. Don’t believe me, here’s the tracklist.

ETA: Monday


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