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LADIES…Could You Be Wearing Used Lingerie?

Posted by T. Adeyemi on March 2, 2010

Now I know you’re probably only reading this line simply because the title caught your attention. But seriously ladies, take the time and at least watch this video. I’m positive that you’ll be as surprised as me the first time I watched it. I imagine you never thought it possible that you could be sitting here reading this while you’re wearing someone else’s panties. But apparently that possibility is much more of a reality than many of us ever thought.

As a man, to tell you the truth I’ve never considered that the black, lace, booty shorts where the cheeks hang out that I’m buying from Vicky’s could have been strapped to another woman’s asset first.  But for damn sure next time I’m doing a spot check, smell test, and any other check I can think of to ensure that I’m buying only the newest and freshest for my Shorty.

But if you don’t believe that used lingerie is being resold, then please let MSNBC explain much better in terms of exactly what’s happening at these “high-class” clothing stores. Hmm…I wonder what the fashion guru Ms. Aivee thinks about this situation?

For the record, I’ve always loved a good hidden video special, but this takes the cake. By the way, does anybody know when the new To Catch A Predator episodes are being aired? (Neither here nor there) Just Press Play!

— T. Adeyemi
“Be Real, Be True, Keep it 100!”
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One Response to “LADIES…Could You Be Wearing Used Lingerie?”

  1. MA said

    Here we are in the 21th century where body fluids could kill you and they say they need to re-train there sales employees. Common sense should prevail its about hygiene and health saftey. Shame on Bloomingdales, Macys, The Gap , etc. they all know better but apparently it must be about sales since their under-garments cost upward $15.00 and more. Retailers should be adamant and not accept the retun of underwear/under-garments and make a clear provision regarding swimwear. For their stupidity I may as well make my underwear purchases at Walmart!!

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