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Kanye West Launches New Blog

Posted by Ms. Aivee on February 26, 2010

Since August 2007 was a way for fans and haters alike to sneak a peak into the mind of the often misunderstood rapper Kanye West. On the site West featured art, architecture, cars, fashion, and music that he had an affinity for. West, it seems tires of things easily and thus has grown out of kanyeuniversecity and has relocated his blog to is a sleeker and more minimalist version of the original site. Only three days only there aren’t many posts on the site thus far but what has been shown is definitley interesting to say the least. He does a feature on fashion designer Alexander Wang, showcases some of Savannah Wyatt’s headpieces , has a spread of polish model Magdalena Frackowiak in ethnic garb and natural elements and features several other artists and designers.

But byfar the most interesting post was the one that opened the site, a semi-nude picture of his girlfriend and model Amber Rose. In the picture she channels icon Grace Jones’ Island of Life album cover. Amber Rose’s version is an outtake from a Complex interview and photo shoot. The picture of Amber is gorgeous and I hope to see Ye put more pictures of her on the new site.

While is still up and running, it seems that all new posts will be on the new site. I don’t know about yall but I’m anxious to see what the forward thinking Mr.West has in store for us on



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