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Calling All Tweet Freaks: House Of Holland Finds Inspiration on Twitter

Posted by Ms. Aivee on February 26, 2010

British designer Henry Holland is once again doing what he does best, dishing out an uber-trendy, seemingly Rainbow Brite inspired collection that always includes his signature piece, the slogan tee. I know what you’re thinking #its2010whyyoustill making slogan tee’s, but these tees are not the flimsy, corny slogan tees that one would find at Forever 21 for example (no offense),they are trendy,clever, well made shirts and sweatshirts that every self proclaimed hipster would be proud to own.

As all true Tweetheads know with space for only 140 characters you have to get creative with the phrasing of your tweets. Several t-shirts in House of Holland’s Fall 2010 collection paid homage to this by featuring abbreviations that are commonly seen on Twitter. My favorite incarnation of the Tweet tee is the grey sweatshirt with HML (Hate My Life) in fuzzy, light blue lettering. The remainder of the Twit-tees are simple black shirts with printed white lettering but they are still just as fun as the sweatshirt version.

The rest of the collection is nice but I’ll probably just stick to the shirts although the updated door-knocker earrings and side pony with a bandana may be making their way into my fall repertoire.

Smooches Tweetbirds!



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