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Catalog Catch Up: Fam-Lay feat. T.I. & Scarface – “Bang Bang” (by J. Tinsley)

Posted by T. Adeyemi on February 18, 2010

Being from Virginia, I’ve seen my fair share of artists who have come and gone without even the slightest of notice. Remember Big Sty? Yeah, the guy who dissed the whole industry including Biggie and Pac. I haven’t heard from the guy in years. Then it’s the tons of local acts who really don’t strive to make it out their own neighborhood. Sure, you’ve got Clipse, Trey Songz and Chris Brown, but tons more never even find their “hood anthems” on 92.1 or 106.5.

Enter Fam-Lay. Messing around with Pharrell and company gave this 757 native a nice buzz a few years back. Many may remember him from “Da Beeper Record.” It gained some spins and even landed an official video. For whatever reason not much materialized from it and the masses have since forgotten and moved on. However, one song that appeared on my iPod the other day was “Bang Bang,” which also featured two of the South’s marquee lyricists, T.I. and Scarface.

For what it’s worth, Fam-Lay shouldn’t feel bad. Anyone who features Tip and Face on their record is probably going to be outshined. Thankfully, Fam went first. This was long before the gun case, so it’s no surprise Clifford’s verse is filled with gunplay and even warning the industry, “Think I’m soft cause they paid me a lil? Shiitt…” Face closes the track out in typical Face fashion:

You speak it, but bitch I live it
My hustle ain’t never changed
My muscle is every city
Niggas is here to bang
I’m talking my partners warriors
Partner, we carry thangs
We honor what’s in the hood
Loyalty, here with James…

All in all, it was an enjoyable record with each rapper putting on for their respective city. It’s just a shame this couldn’t have been used on Dat Missle. With The Neptunes and DJ Toomp producing it, the album, at least production wise, was going to shine.

DL: Fam-Lay feat. T.I. & Scarface – “Bang Bang” | Mediafire


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