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Grade A: The Weekly Drop (2/15/10)

Posted by T. Adeyemi on February 16, 2010

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 Once again, we here at the Grade A Staff are bringing you The Weekly Drop. These news tidbits and links are designed to keep you in the “know” about not just what’s hot in Hip Hop (but you know we’ve got you covered on that), but also on a global news level. If nothing else, you’ll at least have a few topics of discussion for your next 15 at work. By the way, have a chocolate covered glazed donut with the rainbow sprinkles on us.  — Got To Be Grade A! 

Hit the jump for the Links. 

Man Told He Was “Too Fat” to Fly Southwest [People] 

Drake & Magic Johnson Coach Celebrity Basketball Game during All-Star Weekend [GossipOnThis] 

President Obama Needs a Ghost Twitterer? [BallerStatus] 

Flavor Flav is $63,000 Behind in Child Support [TheBoomBox] 

Driver Blows Stop Sign, At Least 18 Die in Train Crash [MSNBC] 

If you’re still in a Loving Mood, Check these Different Type of Couples suggestions for a Valentine’s Day Playlist [Vibe] 

Man Stabs Wife Outside of Wal-Mart before Committing Suicide [HipHopWired] 

Commish David Stern says The NBA has Fallen on Hard Times [WithLeather] 

Timbaland Featuring Drake – “Say Something” Video [SingersRoom] 

Malice of The Clipse Launches a Video Blog [] 

Shots FIRED – Gunman Opens Fire in CHURCH [AOL] 

As a Bonus here’s a couple Grade A articles you may have missed from the past week: 

Grade A: Various Artists – “We Are The World 25″ Haiti Relief Video 

Grade A: Music Review: Curren$y – “Smokee Robinson” 

Grade A: Another Light Extinguished: The Passing of Alexander McQueen


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