Grade A Certified

Episode 3: “Welcome to La La Land”

Posted by T. Adeyemi on February 16, 2010

Grade A, Grade A, Grade A…There’s just something about that drop that makes this whole thing worth while for me. Its okay if you don’t like it, eventually you’ll respect it. Nonetheless, the homie DJ Tay James is checking in again with episode 3 of his adventures on tour with the world famous Justin Bieber. Apparently, Bieber is a prankster at heart. Between making prank phone calls to members of the Grade A Staff and other wild antics that have been heard about but not confirmed; the young man has shown quite an appetite for mischief.

Why wouldn’t any under 18 Superstar MegaStar do crazy things? Everyone knows that he would never get in serious trouble for any of it. You know its the truth, and you wish you could take those liberties as well. Anyway, before this post gets unnecessarily long, shout out to my dude Dennis Haysbert aka Mr. Waiting to Exhale for the cameo. Oh,and yes you did hear it right, JB shouted out The Rockstarz Movement…Follow the Success.

In case you forgot, hit the jump for the Rockstarz Movement Official Anthem…Got To Be Grade A.

–T. Adeyemi


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