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Beanie Sigel Disses Jay-Z & T.I.

Posted by J. Tinsley on February 16, 2010

As a long time fan of Beanie Sigel, I know not to question his G pass.

As a long time fan of Beanie Sigel, however, I can’t help but question his motives as of late.

It seems like yesterday when I would blast The B. Coming everyday of my freshman year in college. Ask me my favorite memory of Beans and I’ll probably tell you it was his showing on “We Are The Champions.” I just knew Beanie would kill someone if need be. Not that that’s anything to brag about though. That same hunger and intensity carried over to his albums, mixtape records and even theatrical endeavors. Yeah, Beans was a real dude backed by even realer music.

And that’s not to say he isn’t a real dude now. You can tell by the fan in the video he still commands a presence at some venues. But dissing Jay-Z and now T.I.? Is this what it’s really come to? It’s already bad enough 50 was using him to get under Jay-Z’s skin. Very rarely does dissing a top tier artist garner some type of positive reaction. And I doubt very seriously this is one of those times. Jay-Z or T.I. aren’t going to lose any fans because of this. Besides getting mentioned on a handful of websites, is there anything for the Broad Street Bully to actually gain? It’s really just a flash in the pan more than anything.

I’d rather see Beans focus that same energy and passion into a project. A mixtape. Another street album. Something. If Jay-Z or T.I. disses come from it, fine. At least then it’d be worth his while. All this may go in vain or I actually might be the only one to feel this way. It just sucks when you see one of your favorite artists have to do stuff like this to garner attention.

Credit: NahRight


2 Responses to “Beanie Sigel Disses Jay-Z & T.I.”

  1. Classic Ice said

    He has a point here..

  2. papi culo said

    Okay, real talk. This muh fucka musta been the hardest Nicca in prison, cuz he look like he stole EVERYBODY’S food tray. And to talk shit about how t i got out before him. A, dumb fuck, weapons charge vs. Murder. Besides, even if Tip got charged for murder, HE is actually sellin’ albums and not some whack ass str8 from the camera to the movie shelf, movie store only has one copy, and it is always availble bullshit ass dvd’s so he can get that lawyer that can get him out quick. I see it now. Beanie and Kim: Mixtape? Naw, mixHATE.

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