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Trade Deadline

Posted by servontaym on February 15, 2010

The NBA trade deadline is close and the waters are heating up. I feel like right now in the NBA its the real life 24 with so many rumors swirling around. With the Mavericks already making a trade during the all star break to get Caron Butler and Brendon Haywood from the Wizards. A good move for the Mavericks to be more competitive  in the West with the Lakers and NuggetsOne name that is on everybody’s tongue is Amare Stoudamire, and talks of him moving to  the Cleveland Cavaliers for  Zydrunas Ilgauskas and J.J Hickson. This trade would definitely keep Lebron James in Cleveland with a chance to win the  Championship for years to come just to much of a dominant force. Don’t forget that Tracy McGrady is still in the NBA just not playing for the Houston Rockets. Will anybody try to improve their roster by picking the Injury Prone T- Mac? I guess we have to wait for Thursday to see what players will be changing Jerseys.


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