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Sunday Soothing Session: “A Night Off”

Posted by J. Tinsley on February 14, 2010

Sure, Valentine’s Day is meant to celebrate the love (or very strong like) you have for another person. Spending quality time, exchanging gifts and gazing into that other person’s eyes letting them know you’ll “always” be there for them. All that mushy stuff defines Cupid’s Day.

But let’s be honest here, men AND women alike, at least in the back of their mind, know V-Day is a great reason to have sex (as if you needed a reason). It’s the truth. So, at the suggestion of a friend, it was decided that bring this series back. Focusing on smooth records, stuff you can lay back and smoke a tight J to, Sunday Soothing Session highlights a record that dropped almost a year ago today.

Think back this time last year, So Far Gone mania was beginning to sweep the nation and the movement known as Drake was born. It was an undeniably enjoyable mixtape with tracks ranging from the lyrical free-for-all “Unstoppable” to the reflective and inspirational “Successful.” However, it was the collaboration with Lloyd which served as the change of pace on the entire tape. As adults with our own lives, goals and ambitions, keeping up with a relationship can be difficult at times. This song is meant to put all of that on the back burner, at least for one night.

I been waiting for so long to get you all alone
Now I finally got you right here
So baby Imma lock my door and disconnect my phone
Cause I wanna make one thing clear
I want to on top
So let your hair down
I took the night off for you
Girl I’m gonna turn the lights off, but keep your heels on
They’re fitting for what I’m about to do…

All work, no play is never good for the soul. So today when you’re with your girlfriend/boyfriend, cut buddy or side fling (I’m not judging you), do as the song says and kick back for tonight. That’s what V-Day is meant for.

Then, it’s right back to the money tomorrow.

DL: Drake feat. Lloyd – “A Night Off”


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